Lenin Mausoleum (drawing: Five-pointed Star)

Pichugin I.

Lenin Mausoleum (drawing: Five-pointed Star)


Nowadays, at the boundary between two centuries - the last, sinking into the endless past, and the next coming into being anew - it is paramount to construct in the midst of several of the graves on Red Square, one great grave which would correspond to the greatness of our unforgettable deceased teacher and mirror the special character of the simple natural, social and collective forms of our epoch.
Such a natural monument, with a plain exterior, would take the form of a burial mound, containing all the compositional characteristics required by the competition. Such a simple monument, mostly situated in the ground, guarding all its value within itself, would fully correspond to V.Is life, this great giant of peoples thought and will, and to the inner properties he guarded within himself.


Utopia Foundation, Moscow