Lenin Mausoleum (motto: Powerful)

Parodin-Nordson V.

Lenin Mausoleum (motto: Powerful)


The monument should consist of two main sections: exterior and interior.
The monuments exterior section in the sum mass of its forms should not exceed a height of 10 metres, and in foundation area no more than 28 by 17 metres.(on the monuments completion, the above indicated figures can be extended by a height of 4 metres).
The monuments interior section should consist of the sum total of the following rooms:
1) The central hall, in which will lie the tomb with the leaders ashes. There should be unrestricted passage around the tomb from the entrance to the exit. The rooms total area, no less than 84 sq.m.
2) Four museum-like halls, in which will be collated some or other articles, such as: manuscripts, books, pictures, photographs, and so forth. The are of each hall no less than 32 sq.m.
3) Premises for custodians of the building, area no less than 8 sq.m.
4) Premises for staff, area no less than 32 sq.m.
5) Entrance hall and cloakroom (or at the very least a room where visitors can leave their galoshes, umbrellas, sticks and bags) Total area no less than 64 sq.m.
6) Telephone booth room, area up to 3 sq.m.
On the walls and vaulting of the interior rooms are suggested decorative landscapes, sculptures, graphics and instructive inscriptions. The main stages of the revolutionary movement and the role played in them by V.I. Lenin should be the motifs of the aforementioned representations.


Utopia Foundation, Moscow