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Tribune for a Leninist

Avvakumov Y., Kuzin Y., Podyomschikov S.

Tribune for a Leninist

Property of the author

1) El Lissitzky was very fond of the architecture of his time and had faith in Communism. Circa 1920, his students were designing tribunes for revolutionary orators.
2) In 1924, El Lissitzky sketched a special tribune to enable Lenin, the leader of the world proletariat, to make public addresses. Lissitzky sent his drawing named Lenin's Tribune to an exhibition of stage designs.
3) By the time El Lissitzky completed his project Lenin had died and had no use for the tribune. The photograph of Lenin with his hand overstretched was glued to El Lissitzky`s drawing.
4) The difference between a project and a drawing can be great indeed: a project can be realized; a drawing shall be kept. The difference between a tribune and a mausoleum is the same.
5) The tribune designed by El Lissitzky became an icon of the Modernist movement. Leninism became a dogma. When both were subjected to revision, it became clear that invigoration socialism was more difficult than updating Modernism.


Utopia Foundation, Moscow