Lenin Mausoleum

Maklashev S.,Korolev P.

Lenin Mausoleum


Our idea for the monument is that is placed inside a 5-pointed star, whose significance is fully understandable to all, and the arrangement of the monuments main foundation reminds one of the house in Gorki where V.I. Lenin passed away. This latter takes the form of a square, with sides 3 sazhens in length, in this wing will be housed the body of V.I.(apart from 2.5 arshins which will be under the porch and columns), around the edges of the building are non-supporting columns standing at a distance of 2.5 arshins from the wings wall.
Where the fencing is located at the top of the diagram, we have in mind a rostrum, from both of whose sides can be pronounced speeches at whatever meetings and demonstrations, rallies and so forth. Access to these from within.
Further I should explain here that the blueprint for the monuments construction is not to scale and accurate since the star should be larger, but there is no room. But this should not hamper the possible slating of the project, as long as one enlarges the star. Under the inscription LENIN is found a portrait of V.I. with the slogan on a semi-circular halo beneath his portrait, reading WORKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE!


Utopia Foundation, Moscow